Robbin' Tha' Bank

from by Vaudeville

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Robbin' Tha Bank

Arrangement: Peg Leg
Vox, Guitars: Peg Leg
Bass, Programming: Grabass


Hungover on a Saturday morn'
What better time to write another song?
You didn't think that I would give you the silent treatment
with the continuous beats flowin' from my basement

I don't need no Cadillac or platinum gold,
just a lonely microphone to express my soul
I don't measure success in quantity
Accomplishments are clearer than clarity

Cause you can't see the progress that I've made
'til I put it on CD and force a trick into a trade
But believe me when I say that the time is near,
You'll be unable to comprehend what you hear

We're goin' 'round here - say something, not just anything
Takin' down names - well, I've already seen what there is to see
Who's gonna be left? - tell me that you expected less
What's in a name? - tell me that you didn't think I had it in me

'Bout 15 grand, and it ain't no scam,
just unconventional for a master plan,
I'm gonna rob this fucker, we'll rob the motherfucker,
gonna do this with a bang

Won't be the only one not to see this comin',
but just don't play this off like you won't be frontin'
Cause I'll tell you how it's gonna go down
Get while the gettin's good before I burn it to the ground

But in case you don't understand the metaphors,
This shit is goin down around quarter to four
Becuase I'm fairly certain that's when the bank will close,
I'll be making off with cash striking the Heisman pose

(Hockey mouth: Grabass)

(Chorus x2)


from The Best Of: Vol II, released July 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Vaudeville Albany, New York

We are a funk band from upstate NY.

We are here for us, not you.

<3, -Vaudeville

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